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Bridget Heavey yoga pose



Group Classes


     Honor Yoga, Hoboken

6:00pm  Prenatal Yoga     


     Sky Club Fitness & Spa, Hoboken

10:00am    Vinyasa Yoga     

Group Classes - Kids


     The Renaissance Child, Edgewater

9:45am     Toddler Yoga     

Private & Small Group Sessions

One-on-one or small group sessions are a great way to explore yoga in the comfort of your own home or desired location. We will work together to design a practice that fits your needs and lifestyle. Contact me for additional details and to schedule a meetup.


Birthdays, weddings, showers, anniversaries... you name it, there's a reason to get on the mat! If you're looking to enhance your celebration with a mindful yoga practice, you've come to the right space. I'll create a class designed specifically for your event. Contact me for additional details.

Yoga for Kids

Kids love yoga! It's a great way to instill a healthy lifestyle for your little one. Yoga enhances a child's flexibility,  strength, focus and coordination. They'll explore on the mat through creative movements, sound and play, improving their sense of calmness and relaxation. Bridget offers yoga to kids in a number of different settings, including summer camps, schools, yoga studios and community bookstores. Feel free to contact me for additional details.

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